Responsive and Knowledgeable

Steve's desire to help his client to find the right home is visible and genuine. He has the rare quality and magnetism to make people feel very quickly at ease and comfortable. He is prompt and responsive in communication and action to all parties, me included. He is knowledgeable in the field. He follows up and follow through on things very well. He gets things done. He is a fast and skillful writer too. To say the least, Steve is definitely a valuable asset of your company. John W.

Completely Satisfied

Steve Sterling was informative and very friendly. He really explained all our options with each individual property that we looked at. Steve's knowledge of home projects came in handy as well. He knew the realities of fixing up a home. It was great how I could call Steve with houses I wanted to look at and he would meet me at the drop of a dime. If he was in the middle of something he would meet me soon after. He was always quick to respond. Completely satisfied. - Adriana G.


Steven was fantastic at every step of the process. I immediately liked Steven's demeanor from the moment we met--he balanced a comfortable, approachable and caring energy with a professional and directed focus when needed. I always felt like a priority from the beginning of the process till even after my home sale closed. Brian K.

Attention to detail

Working with Steve was a great experience. In an environment where it seems as though everything is out of your control, Steve made everything move along smoothly. He was always punctual and took care of not just the things you would expect, but all of the little things that you would never even imagine. Steve was always warm and personable, and he really helped to make the whole process fun and rewarding. I hope to be able to work with Steve again in the future, and I always recommend him highly to others - Frederick K.

Capable and Hard Working

Steve is simply one of the most capable and hardest working people I've ever known. Equally important, he is an absolute pleasure to work with - he approaches everything he does with an enthusiastic and solution-oriented attitude. His easy smile and sense of humor make him friends wherever he goes and help him get done whatever he sets out to do.

If you have the opportunity to have Steve on your team don't pass it up!" - Bill F.

Loyal and Thorough

Steve is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, personable, patient, professional, and loyal. He represents his clients with the utmost dedication and skill, and does a great job of working with other agents and establishing positive working relationships. Jill K.